Healthy Relationships

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether what we feel for another person is love or infatuation. So what’s the difference?

When we are in love, we:

  • Know our partner very well
  • Are good friends
  • Trust each other
  • Are willing to give as well as receive
  • Still have time for other important people like friends and family

When we are infatuated, we:

  • Love the idea of being in love
  • Focus on the sexual part of our relationship
  • Have an uneven relationship where one person is always giving and the other is always getting
  • Rely on our partner to make us happy
  • Get jealous when our partner isn’t with us

Sometimes an infatuation can lead to love – but most of the time it doesn’t. On the other hand, sometimes infatuation can lead us to unhealthy relationships. What does it mean to have a healthy relationship?

Healthy relationships are based on trust, respect, honesty, fairness, equality, responsibility, and open communication. A healthy relationship is kind, trusting, respectful and caring. It makes you feel safe and good about yourself.

An unhealthy relationship is jealous, deceitful and hurtful. Unhealthy relationships make you feel bad – in general and about yourself.

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Building a healthy relationship takes a lot of time and work. For more information on healthy relationships, check out Love is Respect