Emotional Effects

The emotional consequences of sex may not be discussed as often as STD/STIs and pregnancy, but they’re just as important. Sex can be a positive experience with the right person in the right circumstances, but if you’re not prepared to have sex with respect and responsibility, it could lead to some of these emotional consequences:

Worrying about:

  • Contracting STD/STIs
  • Pregnancy
  • Parents and friends finding out
  • Your partner feeling different about you
  • Feeling different about your partner

You might feel:

  • Guilty if you went against your personal values
  • Used by another person
  • Like you didn’t reach your personal goals
  • Disappointed because it might not have been what you thought it would be
  • Like the other person didn’t value and respect you – during or after
  • Confused about how you feel

The decision to have sex is a big decision with lots of things to keep in mind. Are you ready? Check out this checklist from Scarleteen to help figure out if you’re ready or not: Scarleteen – Ready or Not: The Scarleteen Sex Readiness Checklist