Picking Your Friends

Your friends have your back and you have theirs. You spend tons of time together. You like the same things. They encourage you when you’re having a bad day and help you out when you need them. Needless to say, friends play a huge role in your life. So of course you want to make sure you choose wisely when picking your friends.

Choosing friends may seem like an easy decision, but falling into the wrong group can have serious consequences. There are lots of pressures that go along growing up and many of them come from your peers and friends. Usually we think of these pressures as negative peer pressure (link) but with the right group of friends, peer pressure can be positive, too.


Positive Peer Pressure

Developing healthy friendships can help you in a number of ways.

Positive peer pressure can motivate you to succeed and encourage you to make healthy choices. Your friends can act as positive role models. They can listen to, accept, and understand the frustrations, challenges and concerns you have.

Negative Peer Pressure

A lot of people want to feel accepted and like they belong.

Making friends is a way to feel like you fit in. But if the friends you choose make unhealthy choices, you may feel pressured to make those same decisions. Negative peer pressure can motivate people to make unhealthy choices and engage in risky behaviors such as Smoking, using Alcohol and Drugs, Sex or Illegal Behavior.