Letter regarding preliminary fact-finding about MIT and Jeffrey Epstein

Listed here letter was sent to the MIT neighborhood by President L. Rafael Reif.

Towards members of the MIT community,

Yesterday evening, the Executive Committee of MIT Corporation and I also got a preliminary up-date from Goodwin Procter, the outside law firm retained to see the important points surrounding MIT and Jeffrey Epstein.

The fact-finding will continue to its summary, with regular revisions towards Executive Committee and myself. But two basic details have actually emerged that we thought were crucial that you share with you now.

Very first, the Goodwin Procter team has uncovered a content of the standard acknowledgment letter thanking Jeffrey Epstein for a gift to Seth Lloyd – as far as we all know now, the initial present got at MIT after Epstein’s conviction. I evidently signed this letter on August 16, 2012, about six-weeks into my presidency. Although I do perhaps not remember it, it will keep my signature.

2nd, it is now obvious that senior members of the management had been aware of gift suggestions the Media Lab received between 2013 and 2017 from Jeffrey Epstein’s fundamentals. Goodwin Procter has unearthed that in 2013, when people in my senior group discovered that the Media Lab had received the very first for the Epstein presents, they achieved off to speak with Joi Ito. He asked for authorization to hold this initial present, and members of my senior staff allowed it. They knew overall terms about Epstein’s history – he had been found guilty along with offered a phrase which Joi thought that he’d stopped their unlawful behavior. They accepted Joi’s assessment for the situation. Naturally they didn’t know what everyone knows about Epstein today.

Joi sought the gift suggestions for basic research functions, including encouraging laboratory experts and buying equipment. Because the members of my staff involved believed it was important that Epstein maybe not utilize gift suggestions to MIT for promotion or even enhance their own reputation, they requested Joi to accept explain to Epstein he could not place his title on them openly. These instructions were supplied to and apparently followed by the Media Lab.

Information shared with united states yesterday in addition shows that Epstein gift suggestions had been discussed at one or more of MIT’s regular senior staff meetings, and I ended up being current.

I realize that individuals could and really should have expected much more questions about Jeffrey Epstein and about their interactions with Joi. We did not see through the restricted facts we had, therefore we would not take care to comprehend the gravity of Epstein’s offenses and/or problems for their youthful sufferers. I just take duty for all mistakes.

As the fact finding will continue, we have already identified defects inside our processes that need to be addressed.

Im certain that, once Goodwin Procter submits its final fact-finding to the Executive Committee and myself, plus the Provost’s internal review is total, MIT may have the various tools to boost our review and approval processes and reverse to the main work of the Institute.


L. Rafael Reif