Prevention Comic Books

Here at, we created the following student-focused prevention comic books. These cautionary comic book tales deliver important information for young people. Because this resource provides educational info in an entertaining fashion.

Furthermore, these comics were made possible by a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health.

The Artists

Special thanks to each of the artists who’ve contributed their great works to this series!

  • Spark and the Sext Message that Nearly Destroys Her — Andrew Day
  • Smokescreen: No Time for Bullies — Michael Cribbs
  • Spark: the Sobering Truth — Larry Cathey
  • Spark: Caught in the Net — James Lyle

Spark: Caught in the Net focuses on the issue of internet safety. We also get to meet Kilobyte and Mirage for the first time. These two could not be more different. However, their lives intertwine in a familiar setting — foster care. While getting to know one another, the pair learns each other’s special abilities. Unfortunately, sometimes these powers aren’t always used for good.

Smokescreen: No Time for Bullies introduces Smokescreen. As a student, Smokescreen is attempting to master his superhero skills. While at school, Smokescreen must confront a fellow student bullying him. This is the second installment in our multi-part prevention comic books series.

Spark and the Sext Message that Nearly Destroys Her tells the story of Centerstone’s first superhero! Spark fights her archnemesis in order to restore her powers. Little does she know, she’s always had those powers. However, it’s her ability to right a wrong decision she made that what makes this comic on the dangers of sexting so effective.

Spark and the Sobering Truth welcomes back Spark. This time Spark must overcome a fellow student pressuring to drink. As a high school student, Spark experiences the same issues all students face. Spark and the Sobering Truth illustrates the dangers of underage drinking.