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How to help to bully-proof kids

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How to help to bully-proof kids

Know someone who’s getting picked on, or being alienated at school?

In these five easy steps, helps to explain how to “bully-proof” kids.

  1. Talk about it.Talk about bullying with your kids/parents and have other family members share their experiences. If one person opens up about being bullied, praise him or her for being brave enough to discuss it and offer unconditional support. Talk to a teacher about it right away.
  2. Remove the bait.Most of this seems to occur when kids are playing with the said student. If so and so can’t be nice, then don’t play with them.
  3. Buddy up for safety.Two or more friends standing at their lockers are less likely to be picked on than a student who’s alone. Use the buddy system when on the school bus, in the bathroom, or wherever bullies may lurk.
  4. Keep calm and carry on.Instead of saying anything in return — simply move away or go find someone else to play with.
  5. 5. Don’t try to fight the battle yourself.Get help. It never hurts.
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