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‘High-Fives’ raise morale for soldiers

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‘High-Fives’ raise morale for soldiers

handsEvery year, the Violence and Bullying program discusses with students how and why we should show respect through the project, “High-Five A Hero!”

What better way to show respect than to talk about our men and women serving in the military?

It’s also a good opportunity to cheer soldiers up during the holiday season. By giving them a high-five, we’re telling soldiers what a great job they’re doing serving our country.

Here’s how it works:

  • Students trace their hands
  • Draw/color the handprint
  • Write a personal message to a soldier

Students’ family members are also encouraged to participate.

I tell them to spend half an hour at the kitchen table talking about how thankful they are for these brave men and women.

Just as a note, students are not allowed to put their last name, address, phone number or any other information that could link back to any social networking site.

This project began five years ago when I had a good friend deployed. Thankfully, he’s back home now, but the kids enjoyed making the hand prints so much we continue it every year.

Our hands have traveled to Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Included with the hands are notes that tell a little about the Violence and Bullying program.

So far this year, I have a little over 200 handprints! I even have one tiny hand where a student traced their little brother’s hand!

Note: Violence and Bullying Team Leader Tabatha Floyd is the author of this article. She was a civilian employee for Judge Advocate General (JAG) for 10 years.

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