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Walking while texting: A growing phenomenon/problem

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Walking while texting: A growing phenomenon/problem

Stairs, bears, and polls aren’t your friends when it comes to texting while walking.

As this video shows, a person falling down isn’t always a laughing matter.

YouTube / WhoYouWant2Be – via Iframely

An estimated ten percent of pedestrian injuries that land people in emergency rooms are due to distracted walking while texting, a recent study found. That’s thousands of people injured — sometimes killed.

It’s not just a “big city” problem either. This new phenomenon can affect anyone, anywhere – at schools, businesses, parks, you name it.

Astonishingly, some of the most common places people end up when walking while texting appears to be in water fountains at malls (much to the chagrin of the person in the fountain – but to the amusement of those around them). The scary thing is, however, that person could bump their head and possibly drown.

Luckily, thanks to Casey Neistat, all things smartphone and YouTuber extraordinaire, there’s etiquette for how to properly operate your smartphone while out and about.

Be courteous

While walking along a busy street where other pedestrians are trying to go about their daily lives, don’t immediately stop to respond to that last text. A chain reaction leading to a pile up of the human proportion can be the result.

Use the proper technique

Apply your backside against a wall. It’s not going anywhere, and neither should you. This allows foot traffic to safely flow by.

That’s it.

So instead of reading the latest headlines, checking those fantasy points, or responding to your bae, follow Casey’s advice. Or, go to a coffee shop like everyone else and use the free WiFi to do your business.

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