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Be the change! End bullying. Now.

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Be the change! End bullying. Now.

This blog post comes from Kimarra Ruffin, a high school student from the Clarksville, Tennessee area. For Bullying Prevention Month, we are publishing first-hand accounts from a teen’s perspective. 

Bullying affects everyone and anyone. It can affect you by you being a victim or even a bystander. Bullying is anything verbal or physical that causes harm or makes the other person feel bad.

A girl at a middle school here committed suicide due to excessive bullying from social media. The bullying was so bad it drove her to the point of ending her life. Those who bullied her probably didn’t even THINK that they would end someone’s life.

There are ways that can prevent bullying. One way is to DELETE your social media account if you are being bullied online and don’t entertain the madness. Another way is to show an adult or someone who has wise knowledge of what to do. Parents and schools should also take seriously when a student comes to them for help for being bullied. Many times, they are telling the truth. You never know what the student could do if they are ignored.

Though there are people who have been bullied not commit suicide, it still affects them. They can have low self-esteem issues, trouble communicating (to their parents or friends) or they, themselves, become bullies.

Bullying should end altogether. Continuing a nasty habit is going to keep hurting many people’s lives. It shouldn’t take for you being a victim or someone you care for being a victim for things to change. Change now!

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