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10 ways to improve your mood

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10 ways to improve your mood

By Kerry Loy

While quick fixes to finding happiness are rare, here are a few things you can try to give your mood a boost:

  1. Make sure you’re getting at least 15-30 minutes of time outside daily. As we live our lives more and more indoors, we miss out on the inherent benefits of nature. Expose to sunlight can increase our Vitamin D levels and improve mood.
  2. Keep fresh flowers or plants in your home. Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, they can help clear the air, reduce colds, and increase your well-being. In fact check out this link for 15 ways plants can make a difference.
  3. Spend time playing with your pet. Pets have actually been shown to have numerous health benefits including decreased blood pressure!
  4. Listen to music that you have associated with feeling happy in the past (rock out to the tunes from your high school days). Experiments in nursing homes in which residents listened to music from their era showed improved cognitive functioning and memory.
  5. Express you gratitude to someone weekly (perhaps a mentor from your childhood or the person who let you change lanes on the highway this morning). Adopting an attitude of gratitude can be life changing.
  6. Talk regularly with someone you trust. When we spend scheduled time talking about our problems on a regular basis, research shows that we worry less about those issues outside of that time frame. This is part of the underpinning principals behind talk therapy.
  7. Plan and look forward to something in the future.
  8. Find something to take joy in everyday.
  9. Take some time (15-30 minutes at least) to do nothing. In our modern, over-scheduled lives we can lose touch with the present and feeling centered. Spending time in meditation or relaxation can reduce stress, and have a delightfully calming effect on the body.
  10. Retrain your brain to focus on possibilities and positives- because of the brain’s placidity you can actually change the structure of your brain and neural connections! Cool, huh?

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